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The Home of
Collective Creativity

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Istoria Group is a collective of creative agencies with distinct but complementary skill sets. We offer a fantastic collaborative spirit and the shared ambition to make our clients’ brands more visible, more relevant and more compelling to their customers. 


We bring our clients’ stories to life


The meaning of the word Istoria is derived from the Greek for story. Istoria Group seeks to bring our clients’ brand stories to life. We think fluidly between physical and digital spaces to create compelling brand experiences.


A creative group with a distinct difference


Istoria Group is refreshingly different from other creative groups. We are independently-owned and not answerable to shareholders. Istoria Group offers clients access to a raft of specialist talent, all based in a single, collaborative office.

We have shared processes and systems throughout the group. Clients can decide if they want to work with a single specialist agency, or else liaise across the group via a single point of contact for all creative and design needs.

We let our clients decide.



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